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UX: Planning and Analyzing Data in a UX Project

UX: Planning and Analyzing Data in a UX Project

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In this book, the basic concepts you need to achieve success and a significant presence for your business on the internet are all covered and explained in a way that can be digested and applied the first time you read it. This book holds incredibly useful information if you're developing a website for your business of any sort; whether it be a site for you to blog about your travels or an attempt to finally give your local business an online presence!

The book goes over the utility and aesthetic aspects of user interface in seven brief but comprehensive chapters:

  1. UX Basics
  2. Guiding The User Through Your Site
  3. Page Climates
  4. Early Site Production
  5. Feedback
  6. Making your site known

The chapter on "UX Basics" will just give you a rundown on what to expect in the rest of the book and a few important things to know before you do much else. It works as an introductory chapter.

Chapter 2, "Guiding the User Through Your Site," covers basic topics to make sure that your site is usable and can effectively encourage your site's visitors to make a purchase or follow through on each visit. This includes adjusting your site to be accessible from all devices, using "Site Structuring," so that it flows well, using loyalty methods to ensure users return, and establishing the right visuals to make customers more inclined to make a purchase.

The third chapter, "Page Climates," is a simple concept, but the topic holds a lot of nuances. This chapter is a must-read if you're developing a blogging site. The chapter covers everything aesthetic, from the colors you're centering your site around to the different effects the serifs in your text have on users.

The "Early Page Development" chapter (four) is just a basic rundown for establishing the framework of your site. It mostly covers the method of "sketching out" pages but also gives a few descriptions of how you can turn your sketches into functional sites.

Chapter 5 is an interesting chapter. The chapter covers the different ways to receive feedback on your site so that you know what to fix.

"Making Your Site Known" is the sixth and final chapter. This part covers some of the most important and complicated information in the book. The first thing to be discussed is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the reason specific sites appear higher up the search results than others. Mastering SEO will take time but, starting off with this chapter is a great way to expedite that process! The chapter also covers advertising, demographics to appeal to with these ads, and how to place ads effectively for such demographics.

Finally, the book wraps up with a conclusion covering a few extra things that the chapters didn't quite cover; including hiring freelancers to develop the site for you and the different kinds of programming that are behind every website.

This book's comprehensive guidance is sure to help you reach the industry standard as quick as you can!

Author: Andy Vickler
Publisher: Ladoo Publishing LLC
Published: 06/03/2023
Pages: 118
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.37lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.25d
ISBN: 9781955786768
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