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Tor Nightfire

What Feasts at Night (Sworn Soldier #2)

What Feasts at Night (Sworn Soldier #2)

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The follow-up to T. Kingfisher’s bestselling gothic novella, What Moves the Dead.

Retired soldier, Alex Easton, returns in a horrifying new adventure.

*A very special hardcover edition, featuring a foil stamp on the casing and custom endpapers illustrated by the author.*

After their terrifying ordeal at the Usher Manor, Alex Easton feels as if they just survived another war. All they crave is rest, routine, and sunshine, but instead, as a favor to Angus and Miss Potter, they find themself heading to their family hunting lodge, deep in the cold, damp forests of their home country, Gallacia.

In theory, one can find relaxation in even the coldest and dampest of Gallacian autumns, but when Easton arrives, they find the caretaker dead, the lodge in disarray, and the grounds troubled by a strange, uncanny silence. The villagers whisper that a breath-stealing monster from folklore has taken up residence in Easton’s home. Easton knows better than to put too much stock in local superstitions, but they can tell that something is not quite right in their home. . . or in their dreams.

ISBN: 1250830850    EAN: 9781250830852
Author:  T. Kingfisher
Publisher: Tor Nightfire  
Binding: Hardcover
Street Date: February 13, 2024
Pub Date: February 13, 2024
Physical Info: 0.94" H x 8.43" L x 5.43" W (0.55 lbs) 160 pages
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About The Author:
T. KINGFISHER (she/her)writes fantasy, horror, and occasional oddities, including Nettle & Bone, What Moves the Dead, and A House with Good Bones. Under a pen name, she also writes bestselling children's books. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, dogs, and chickens who may or may not be possessed.
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