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NY Studio Gallery LLC

Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C

Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C

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Yoga Teddy Bear A - B - C is an English letter alphabet book which pairs a popular yoga pose with every letter. These poses are embodied by a colorful cast characters for whom the poses are named. Loveable characters, such as a red-nosed airplane, a leaping crocodile or a folded sandwich, encourage kids to move and explore as they learn. The soft and cuddly Yoga Teddy Bear demonstrates each pose. Every page features the letter in an easy to read, brightly colored font in both upper and lower case.

Teddy Bear A - B - C is a powerful tool to engage an active child while using movement to reinforce memory. Each page of this hard cover, full color book is packed with inviting ideas. Now children can learn the alphabet while they simultaneously learn about their bodies and the diverse world in which we live. Yoga Teddy Bear makes yoga and exercise fun and engaging - and now learning the alphabet can be fun and creative too

Kids will quickly learn the yoga poses and the letters through K. M. Copham's playful characters. The back of this bright yellow alphabet book reads: "Can you learn the alphabet and yoga too? Yoga Teddy Bear and friends show you the way. Move, stretch, read, breathe... smile " The front cover features Yoga Teddy Bear in five yoga poses; on the back of the book the poses are repeated as their respective characters: Airplane (A), Tree (T), Napping Crocodile (N), Sandwich (S) and Downward Dog (D).

The first page of the book features Yoga Teddy Bear in all 26 poses, while the last page features the 26 characters representing each pose. The title page of the book also has a "This Book Belongs to ______________" tag so that your child has a sense of ownership and pride in their learning and progress.

Author: K. M. Copham
Publisher: NY Studio Gallery LLC
Published: 05/21/2016
Pages: 32
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.68lbs
Size: 8.50h x 8.50w x 0.25d
ISBN: 9780692722510

About the Author
Copham, K. M.: - K. M. Copham is a seasoned visual artist and yoga practitioner. A prolific artist, she has painted over a thousand portraits and completed commissions and murals nationwide. Her illustrations have been featured in dozens of children's books as well as educational workbooks for various publishers. Most recently, Copham illustrated a set of yoga journals for the Sonima Foundation, an organization that received a federal grant to teach yoga in public schools in the American southwest. A practitioner of yoga since 1986, she earned her 200 hour teacher training certification (CYT / RYT) in 2013 from Joschi Yoga Institute in New York City. She holds a BFA, an MBA and has studied both art and yoga in programs throughout the United States and abroad. Yoga Teddy Bear pairs a modern day cartoon character with the ancient practice of yoga to create a fun, non-intimidating way to learn. A soft cuddly teddy bear is the perfect metaphor for keeping flexible, both physically and mentally. Using the character as a fun way to introduce children to yoga can help kids improve focus in school, relieve stress, and learn breathing techniques to control anger or outbursts. Yoga Teddy Bear's world of characters stimulates the imagination and offers effective tools for remembering.

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