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Danny Bent Ltd

You've Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!

You've Gone Too Far This Time, Sir!

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Have you ever woken up in the sultry heat of the morning, your hair and beard teeming with maggots? Have you ever felt the cold barrel of a semi automatic gun against your forehead? When Danny Bent cycled 15,000 kilometres from the UK to India to raise money for ActionAid, it was a decision that took twenty years and one minute. For twenty years he had wanted to do something to raise money for charity. The one minute was when as their teacher he was put on the spot by his pupils and declared that the means was by bike, and he was going to India. What he had signed up for was slogging along roads with trucks bearing down on him, unable to see and choking in the smog; shooting down treacherous descents with 100 foot drops, shaking with cold and too numb to brake; muscle burn and saddle sores; delirium and food poisoning; thirst and malnutrition; foul and insanitary conditions; life-threatening crises; obstructive border guards, crazed dogs and inquisitive passers-by. 'You've Gone Too Far This Time, Sir ' is a real and compelling blow-by-blow account of Danny's trip across Europe, the former Soviet Republics, Russia, China, Pakistan and India. And what people he met They are the true delight of this book, mostly charming, sometimes reckless, occasionally threatening, always unpredictable, and forever inviting Danny to be up for the challenge of entertaining them, in one instance by dancing in front of a packed stadium, in another by eating sheep's brains in a local night market. Danny turns the wheels, you turn the pages. The pace is relentless. The story is both heart-stopping and heart-warming. The arrival is breakdown-and-cry emotional. And there's loads of fun and wonderment along the way too. What a book What a ride Live your dream. Go for it, Danny.

Author: Danny Bent
Publisher: Danny Bent Ltd
Published: 08/02/2014
Pages: 298
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.72lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.67d
ISBN: 9780996015219

About the Author
Danny loves hugs. What better way to go about getting lots of hugs than travelling the world living your dreams and helping others live theirs? He competed for Great Britain at Triathlon, cycled to India on a whim, and set up the 'Live your dreams' foundation to raise funds for charity. Motivating people to be the best version of themselves is Danny's passion and trade. Living dreams, facing fears, and loving yourself, others and life with abandon are his tool kit. Danny writes books, climbs trees, breaks records, dances like a child and snorkels in bogs. He considers his positivity and smile his two greatest assets - he's a people person extraordinaire.

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