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Airship 27

Zeppelin Tales

Zeppelin Tales

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Clippers of the CloudsIn the early 20th Century, German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin pioneered the creation of rigid, lighter-than-air craft capable of long distance flights. During World War One they were adapted for military use as long range bombers wreaking havoc upon Great Britain from their lofty positions high above the clouds where fixed-winged fighters could not reach them. After the war, Zeppelins became pleasure ships utilized in luxury Trans-Atlantic Flights and were highly popular.The Golden Era of the airship was the 1930s, the same period as that of the pulps and it is no surprise their romantic images would inspire pulp writers of the time. The original monthly, ZEPPELIN STORIES, was produced solely to highlight these magnificent flying machines in exciting, colorful and fast-paced adventures. Now, Airship 27 Productions, itself bearing the image of these high-flying cruisers, launches a brand-new series devoted to airships.In this debut volume you will thrill to the exploits of Jim Beard's new hero, Tracer Talbot, as he encounters a mysterious pirate airship and her crew. While writer I.A. Watson sets off on an aerial adventure aboard an experimental Zeppelin built to explore the skies of an alien dimension. Join us as AIRSHIP 27 - ZEPPELIN TALES Volume One soars into the stratosphere of the imagination on this, its maiden flight.

Author: I. a. Watson
Publisher: Airship 27
Published: 11/04/2013
Pages: 182
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.55lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.39d
ISBN: 9780615915548

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